At Inspire, Motivate, to Heal greeting cards, I design every one of my cards and assemble them by hand in Salmon, Idaho, USA.  The process begins by capturing a moment on camera that makes me feel good and or laugh.  Studies show pets and nature photographs are a key ingredient to creating those happy moments in the heart.  Humans have some great insights about humanity but isn’t it more fun when an animal helps espouse and articulate the idea.  Look at what entertains our animal loving minds and hearts. Here is a list of a few famous animal characters, shows and cartoons  that come to mind:   Rocky & Bullwinkle, the Muppets, Sesame Street, Mr. Ed, Babe and the Far Side. 

Once the photograph and quote have been assembled the photo is printed onto Dur-O-Tone Newsprint Extra White paper. Cards are 4.5 X 6 inches.  Cards are printed on 100% recycled, acid free, chlorine free paper. The cards are blank on the inside. Each card ships with a natural colored envelope.  The clear protective card sleeves are made from plant based compostable material.

Though laborious, the result is a uniquely beautiful card that will Inspire, Motivate, to Heal using the subject of pets and nature to bring joy to the heart.  When life throws you a curve ball remember the advice from Dahlia Howard, the Peaceful Collie and Desmund Tutu, “Show a little tongue, teeth, and smile;  it’s those little bits of silly happiness that will overwhelm the world.”

Inspire, Motivate, to Heal greeting cards are divided into 5 categories:  bereavement cards, feel good cards, quirky/funny cards, dirty street cat and nature cards.  Upon request cards can be assembled without the quote.

To place an order, simply email or call in the quantity, category, and number/letter of the card you would like to purchase to either go to our ORDER page.

For questions feel free to contact:


call 805-423-9060

720 S. Saint Charles St., Salmon, ID 83467

Thank you!

Brandon Follett

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