Nature Cards

“Research has shown that people who watch images of natural landscape after a stressful experience calm markedly in only five minutes. Their muscle tension, pulse, and skin-conductance readings plummet.”

-Professor Dr. Ulrich, co-founding director of the Center for Health Systems and Design at Texas A&M University

Photographs are in alphabetical order. Example from top to bottom California, Iceland, Idaho, etc. Enjoy!

47NC card Cambria, California
46NC card Morro Bay, California
45NC card Cambria, California
44NC card Morro Bay, California
43NC card San Simeon, California
42NC card San Simeon, California
41NC card Moonstone Beach, California
40NC card Harmony Headlands, California
39NC card Big Sur, California
38NC card Big Sur, California
37NC card Morro Bay, California
36NC card Arroyo Grande, California
35NC card Paso Robles, California
34NC card Bridge Street Inn, California
33NC card Gualala, California
32NC card Death Valley, California
31NC card Death Valley, California
30NC card Joshua Tree, California
29NC card Joshua Tree, California
28NC card Sea Ranch, California
27NC card Sea Ranch, California
26NC card Laguna, California
25NC card Iceland
24NC card Borgarnes, Iceland
23NC card Stanley Lake, Idaho
22NC card Stanley, Idaho
21NC Little Redfish Lake, Idaho
20NC Salmon River, Idaho
19NC Salmon River, Idaho
18NC Salmon River, Idaho
17NC Salmon, Idaho
16NC Salmon, Idaho
15NC Salmon, Idaho
14NC Salmon, Idaho
13NC Salmon, Idaho
12NC Salmon, Idaho
11NC card Salmon, Idaho
10NC card Salmon, Idaho
9NC card Salmon, Idaho
8NC card Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
7NC card Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
6NC card Charlotte, North Carolina
5NC card Lake View, Oregon
4NC card somewhere in Thailand
3NC card River Kwai, Thailand
2NC card Da Nang, Vietnam
1NC card Da Nang, Vietnam

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